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Christmas Tree Farm Information

We offer a variety of Precut & Choose and Cut Christmas Trees.


Our tree prices range from $72 - $180 depending on tree height.

What do we provide? 
  • We supply fresh air and a vast selection of fresh Christmas trees.

  • We provide saws and toboggans for your children to ride on and to haul your chosen tree. We do not allow any type of chainsaws to cut your tree.

  • We also have tree bags and Christmas tree stands for sale.

  • We offer twine for free if you would like to use it to tie down your tree, but we will not tie your tree down for you. ​​

Do we cut your tree?

On the weekends we will be open for Choose & Cut selections and we will also have some fresh cut trees available (first come, first serve). We provide saws for you to cut your tree and we have already tagged the trees with height and pricing. Please note that we do not allow chainsaws, but we do allow you to bring your own reciprocating saw. 

What is meant by fresh pre-cut trees? 

We are offering freshly pre-cut tree pickup on Saturdays and Sundays.

What is meant by Choose and Cut? 

Different Christmas tree growers may use U-Cut, Cut Your Own, or similar wording. The wording used is not important but what it means: you find, you cut, and you enjoy the Christmas tree you selected. 

What is the advantage of having a live Christmas tree? 

Christmas trees are recyclable and do not compete for space in landfills. Selecting a Christmas tree with your family is an opportunity to have quality time to enjoy each other, enjoy the outdoors, participate in the selection for the right tree. It will be a family adventure which will be remembered.


Live trees provide oxygen, and if snow is present, a pristine landscape for some memorable family photos. We want you to enjoy yourselves in selecting your tree. Be a part of the Christmas tradition: Think live trees. Think conservation. 


What about Christmas tree needle retention? 

Most Christmas tree varieties are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best and 1 the worst with 3 being good. Tree needle retention correlates to proper checking and keeping sufficient water in the tree stand.

Is there a specific process for setting up the Christmas tree? 

The best advice is to put the tree trunk in water as soon as possible so the tree starts taking up water. If your tree is not put in the tree stand, make sure it has water during this time. When the tree is to be put into the stand, we suggest cutting one even inch off the trunk before setting into the stand and filling with water. One should check water level daily and add water as needed, as tree needle retention is affected if this is not done. 

Do you deliver Christmas trees? 

No, our farm does not. Choose and Cut and Pre-cut refers to your handling and hauling of the tree.

Can we bring dogs? 

Please keep pets in your vehicle. Thank you!

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